What is rowd sled?

ROWD is an innovative dewatering solution that can help bring a project to completion on time and within budget, all while maintaining safety and environmental compliance. Designed to be versatile, economical and efficient, this mobile dewatering structure can hold either straw bales or 18-inch filter sock between its rectangular internal and external sturdy steel frames and is easily transported along the right-of-way from one dewatering location to the next until the project is completed.

  • Versatile
  • Economical
  • Efficient

Why use rowd?

ROWD uses the idea of straw bale (or filter sock) filtration but places it in a study steel frame so the amount of water that can be run through without failure is increased while maintaining the mobility of the sled and environmental compliance. The unique design locks the filter material between the concentric rectangles to prevent shifting so ROWD sled can be safely transported to multiple dewatering locations. This allows for faster filtration from site to site with less disposal of partially-used filter material and filter bags.


ROWD sleds are available to rent for your immediate dewatering needs or for the duration of your entire project so you can address unexpected dewatering in a moment’s notice. From short-term single sled rental to multiple sleds for the long haul, let us help you decide what is the best solution for your project, deadlines and budget.

Questions? Call us at (715) 491-1895 or email info@ROWDsled.com