Built with a solid deck and steel frame, the ROWD sled focuses on environmental compliance, cost and efficiency. ROWD sleds were designed by those that use straw bales structures, guaranteeing their quality and usability. Assembly of this portable dewatering structure takes fewer crew members than standard straw bale structures and can be accomplished in the yard to minimize impact on the right-of-way. The ROWD sled is quick and easy to mobilize throughout your construction site, eliminating multiple setups and tear downs of standard straw bale structures and freeing environmental crews for other environmental work. The sturdy steel frame of the ROWD sled withstands substantial wear while still functioning properly – even in difficult locations. The ROWD sled is perfect for groundwater control during pipeline construction, road construction, FERC projects, industrial construction, and oil and gas maintenance. The advantages of a ROWD sled make it a logical, economical dewatering equipment choice for any project.

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