Designed by Pipeliners

ROWD sled is an innovative dewatering tool designed by pipeliners to increase efficiency and save money while maintaining environmental compliance throughout projects. The sturdy steel frame has been welded to withstand pushing, pulling and hauling through difficult terrain into numerous dewatering sites and from one project to the next.

Since its launch in late 2018, the ROWD sled has been used in multiple locations, saving both the client and the contractor time and money, as well as enabling projects to easily comply with environmental regulations. In addition to cost savings, the ROWD sled also makes the right-of-way a safer place for all crew members by decreasing the time spent on conventional straw bale structures. Simply moving one ROWD sled to a new dewatering location requires a small crew for a short period of time, eliminating repetitive build and teardown throughout a project.

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