A New Way to Dewater

Developed out of frustration from dealing with straw bale structures, the concept of a new way to dewater was invented in the field with safety, environment and efficiency in mind. The ROWD sled can be properly assembled in a convenient location and then mobilized to the dewatering site for maximum performance. The sturdy steel structure is designed for hauling with trucks and moving with equipment, while the solid base helps facilitate leveling in any location. After pushing, pulling or carrying into the dewatering site, leveling is completed by placing material under the solid base to lift the edges and create an efficient dewatering structure.

Once dewatering is complete, the ROWD sled’s steel frame holds filter material in place while a piping inlet and valve traps sediment-laden water in the filter bag for safe and easy transport back to the yard or to the next dewatering site. This allows the filter material and filter bag to be used until they are completely spent, eliminating the waste typically seen with conventional structures. Once completely used, a filter bag remover helps to lift the heavy bag from the center, so a new one can be inserted while leaving the straw bales in place.

Dewatering is ready to resume quickly with minimal disturbance to the ROWD sled. The sustainability of ROWD eliminates partially-used structures, reduces filter material waste left for cleanup and minimizes excess fuel used for transportation; saving time and money for the project, as well as allowing the environmental crew to focus on other tasks.