How to Rent ROWD Sled

ROWD will help you complete your next dewatering project on time and within budget. Contact us for more information or rent today through the providers listed below:

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Phone: 715-491-1895

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Kohl Kaminski at United Rentals Fluid Solutions
Phone: 813-495-3390

Turnkey Dewatering

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Precision Dewatering, LLC (PDW)
For complete dewatering solutions, contact PDW.

Phone: 715-491-1895

PDW offers total turnkey solutions for any size project – anywhere in the country. Our expertise expands beyond the pipeline industry and is adaptable for all construction sectors, natural disasters and beyond. We can design solutions concerning ground and surface water problems while keeping permit, workspace and budget restrictions in mind. Let our team provide you with environmentally-friendly solutions and services to increase efficiency while minimizing lost time and resources.

  • Well Points
  • Deep Wells
  • Water Transfer
  • Water Filtration
  • Dam & Pumps
  • Pump Arounds
  • Hydro Test Water Support
  • Emergency Services
  • Aboveground Storage Tanks (AST)
  • Natural Disaster Water Control
  • Excavation & Trench Dewatering via Well Points & Deep Wells
  • General Construction Site Dewatering
  • Facility Groundwater Control
  • Test Drilling
  • Groundwater Level Monitoring
  • Stream Flow Measuring
  • Discharge Site Selection
  • Sewer Bypass